Congratulations to the Six Young Artists invited to participate in TPL’s Inaugural Composers’ Symposium 2020

We are thrilled to welcome these six young artists – elected through competitive process – to participate in The Piano Lunaire’s Inaugural Composers’ Symposium 2020, January 17-19.  

Clockwise from top left: Dylann MillerPaul Alexander LessardEunseon YuChristopher McAteerTom Weeks and Michael Maevskiy.

Each composer will be creating a new work* for solo piano, in mentorship with Christopher Mayo.  These six new pieces will be premiered by Stephanie Chua and Adam Sherkin at a MainStage performance on Sunday January 19, 2020 in Toronto – STAY TUNED!


Friday, November 23rd, 2018 at 7:30 PM

BROCKTON NANOSTAGE, 710 Brock Avenue, Toronto

Piano by nightChristina Haldane, soprano | Adam Sherkin, piano



ECHO CYCLE (2017) for solo soprano | poems by Seán Haldane

Music by David Jaeger

If you are Echo, I am a wall
To which your voice can call
And be returned but slightly changed,
Not quite itself but rearranged
In newer harmonies. What you will hear
Is not what you might fear.
The Blackbird in the Rain
The blackbird in the rain at dusk:
I don’t know how the drops settle on his wings.
I am lost.
I wish I knew the meaning of things.
I wish I knew whether or not to trust
Myself in my (I think they are) delusions
Of what or who you are –
Or are they illusions?
My own voice from afar
Says to the blackbird as he sings
‘I am you are I’.
The rain falls darkening the dying sky.
The Berserk Blackbird
Rickety-rackety goes the berserk blackbird,
Riff on riff, perched on the cliff
Of a locust tree, I’m caught
In the torrent and debris of his song,
His notes like jostling boats
As they pour along.
I’d be breathless
If I were he, I almost expect him
To topple head-first to the ground,
Killed by his own sound.
*      *      *

SOUTHERN FRAMES (2008) for toy piano | by Adam Sherkin

  1. Octans I (the Octant)
  2. Eridanus (The River)
  3. Ophiuchus (The Serpent-Bearer)
  4. Ara (The Altar)
  5. Ophiuchus ECHO
  6. Octans II
  7. Chamealeon (The Chameleon)
  8. Musca (The Fly)

PROGRAMME NOTE: Constellations in the night sky have inspired humans to gaze up and dream of countless stories, myths and meanings for millennia. Our relationship to the night sky’s patterns of stars and celestial bodies has changed both in a general sense as humans evolve in history and in a more personal sense as a star gazer’s own record of their time on Earth is traced.

Constellations in the Southern hemisphere are partly visible at times of the year to those observers in the Northern hemisphere, and partly not. Therein lies a certain exoticism and curiosity for an unknown night sky where gazing can be completely transformed if the observer were to find themselves on the opposite side of the globe. Southern clusters of stars also relate more closely to those cultures that first looked upon them, offering a glimpse into ancient eyes and minds: an exercise that has offered lineage and tradition (and present-day astronomy).

*      *      *

THE LIVING SPECTACLE | Three Songs for soprano and piano | Poetry by Charles Baudelaire (1863 – 1867) | translation from the French by Roy Campbell


First song: “The Death of Lovers”

We shall have beds round which light scents are wafted,                                                       Divans which are as deep and wide as tombs;
Strange flowers that under brighter skies were grafted
Will scent are shelves with rare exotic blooms.
When, burning to the last their mortal ardour,
Our torch-like hearts their bannered flames unroll,
Their double light will kindle all the harder
Within the deep, twinned mirror of our soul.

One evening made of mystic rose and blue,                                                                                    I will exchange a lightning-flash with you,
Like a long sob that bids a last adieu.

Later, the Angel, opening the door
Faithful and happy, will at last renew
Dulled mirrors, and the flames that leap no more.

*      *      *

NORTHERN FRAMES (2013) for solo {grand} piano by Adam Sherkin

  1. Ursa Minor I (The Little Bear)
  2. Cassiopeia (Queen of Aethiopia)
  3. Cepheus (King of Aethiopia)
  4. Camelopardalis (The Giraffe)
  5. Lynx (The Luminescent-Eyed)
  6. Ursa Major (The Great Bear) *
  7. Ursa Minor II
  8. Draco (The Dragon)

*world premiere