The Piano Lunaire Performances: Ten MOONSTRUCK Questions for Jana Luksts

Jana Luksts played a dazzling programme at The Piano Lunaire on Monday, March 9th, 2020.  As we celebrate the Full WORM MOON, here are some fun, quick questions for the Canadian artist:

10 Moonstruck Questions:

  1. Where are you from originally?

Kelowna, British Columbia

  1. What is the newest must-play piece you’ve heard, added to your rep list?

I haven’t heard it yet, only seen – the new chamber piano concerto by Polish composer Agata Zubel.

  1. Name three composers you’d share a drink with.

We’ll have to stick with dead composers, since there are too many exceptionally interesting and passionate living composers to choose from! Jani Christou, Gerard Grisey, Frank Zappa…

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

It changed every week! Veterinarian, lawyer, forensic scientist….my mom just informed me lately that I wanted to be a professional basketball player at one point – I am NOT a tall person.

  1. What was the last piece of new music that really blew you away?

Georgia Spiropoulos: EROR (The Pianist), performed by Alvise Sinivia. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve watched the recording over and over again. It’s described as a “fantasmagoria” for a pianist-improviser-performer, electronics, lights, and animated shadows.

  1. What would currently be playing if we were to turn on your phone’s music player?

Quite the broad spectrum! Recently played, in order: some French dance pop by Yelle, Mendelssohn Octet, Princess Nokia, followed by the Enno Poppe album by ensemble mosaik.

  1. What book are you reading at the moment?

“A Brief History of Curating” – Hans-Ulrich Obrist

  1. Favourite breakfast food?


  1. Dream vacation?

It’s an endless list – this world has so many incredible things to offer. Lately, I’ve wanted to visit Japan, Patagonia, and Egypt.

  1. Name your favourite key, chord, tonality or cluster?

I love all the notes! If we’re in a tonal mood, I have a soft spot for G Minor.


Zesses Seglias – Sssssh (2006) [Fender Rhodes]

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